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update [Jan. 18th, 2006|10:04 am]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |the sound of peachtree rd]

me and shane went to the aquarium on saturday and i have to say it was awesome. I've never felt so physically close to the animals before. I mean you go to the zoo, and there are monkeys, but they're far away monkeys, or there's a cage in fromt of you, but the aquarium, because it's glass means that you feel closer to them. My favourite part was when me and shane sat in one of the windows in the "ocean" bit. A hammerhead shark swam by us, so close that if the glass hadn't have been there i could have sat nose to nose. I also felt that close to a sea lion too. It was amazing. The fish were beautiful, there were penguins and seals, and whales. It was such a great night. I can't wait to take my parents, they'll flip out! I'm nervous about them being here. I'm trying to plan things for us to do so that they have a good time, and we don't spend a fortune. I hope they have a good time, and they don't drive me crazy. I can't wait to see my sister! We're gonna go shopping and gossip, and talk about fashion and art. it'll be cool. I can't believe how quickly the time has moved, it feels like i've been here 10 minutes, and yet it's been nearly 9 weeks. I thought not having a job would make my days slow and i'd be bored all the time, but i'm not. I always have stuff to do.
I ordered the wedding cake yesterday, and i got the favours today. I'm excited to see how everything comes out. I've put so much blood, sweat and tears into this wedding that everybody better have a smile on their face. I've also done a shit load of ainting for the house recently, i've made 3 10x10 canvases for above the tv, and i'm working on some oval canvas for the bedroom, but i need to sort out bedding for the bedroom first. I hate the stuff that's on there now, so i want to change it to something luxurious and gorgeous, the nicole miller "honeymoon collection" is the way i think i'm gonna go, but i have to get it soon because it's being discontinued soon. I'm totally rambling, so i'll go, love to everyone.